DIGIMET industrially scales up the application of its technology for the copper sector through the DIGISER++ project

8 July 2021

The initiative is based on processing and recovering recoverable waste metals from the copper industry.

One of TECNALIA’s portfolio companies, will industrially scale up the application of its technology to waste with significant percentages of copper and zinc, thanks to the DIGISER++ project. The aim is to treat the specific waste generated by Atlantic Copper, a leading company in the production of refined copper from ore.

DIGIMET, which has the support of TECNALIA’s Deep Tech Venture Builder, TECNALIA Ventures, will be responsible for marketing the technology based on the strategy developed as part of the project.

The project consortium includes actors from across the value chain who will facilitate the development, validation and marketing of the technology. TECNALIA will lead the technological development in conjunction with CEA. The Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) will be responsible for studying the environmental and economic impact of the application of this technology in the copper production process. All knowledge generated will be passed on to the community and different stakeholders through online training courses facilitated by Ghent University.

Further information

This project has received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) of the European Commission under HORIZON 2020.

DIGIMET scales up industrially