Digitalisation of site control processes

18 May 2022

“Bimoa deploys 360 capture cloud technology to manage site progress”

Bimoa is relying on TECNALIA to digitalise its site control processes

Bimoa, as an agent involved in the construction process, has decided to join in the change and improve its ability to follow up on construction works by using this technology. To carry out this digitalisation, Bimoa has relied on TECNALIA's expertise and technical capacity in digitalisation and BIM services.

For the past few years, the Architecture, Construction and Infrastructure sector has been undergoing a process of renewing its workflows through technology and digitalisation, both in the design stage and in the construction, operation and maintenance phases. Digitalisation is bringing about significant benefits in terms of time, cost and quality. 360 Capture Cloud technology is an example of how to improve site control processes using digital technology.

The reality of the site is captured in minutes with a 360 camera, either on video or by photo. A smartphone or tablet is used to take field notes of the different details to be recorded (notes, diagrams, PDF, etc.), linking the note to an element in the space within the spherical image.

Then, all the graphic and documentary information generated during the successive site visits is uploaded to a cloud platform where the progress of the work is reviewed remotely on a split screen, checking the same locations on different dates. Therefore, the reality that the site is being constructed according to the project schedule is verified visually, and if not, decisions can be made far more swiftly and reliably.

Advanced services in Digital Construction

TECNALIA offers a wide variety of advanced services in Digital Construction. For example, we offer the generation of web-based product configurators to improve the user experience and increase on-line sales; computational design to facilitate design processes and the generation of complex geometries, and integration of 3D data and viewers into 3D interfaces to optimise asset information management.

In short, TECNALIA's range of Advanced Services in Digital Construction allows agents involved in the construction process to improve their participation in the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of BIM projects through technology and digitalisation.