Ensure that your industrial components are durable with TECNALIA

17 April 2024
Durabilidad de tus componentes industriales

“Our commitment is simple: to ensure that your components achieve the durability required to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace”

Ensure that your industrial components are durable

The durability of any component can come up against a number of common challenges ranging from corrosion and wear and tear to fatigue and high-temperature failures. These problems can result in significant maintenance costs, frequent repairs and even unplanned production downtime, which directly affects a company's profitability and operational efficiency.

It is crucial to have the advice and experience of materials engineering experts to tackle these challenges effectively.

Industrial components are specific pieces or parts used to manufacture, assemble or operate machinery, equipment and systems in industrial environments. These components can vary widely depending on the industry and the specific application. Common examples include structural components, welded/bolted joints, pipes, bearings, gears, etc. These components play a critical role in ensuring that industrial installations operate efficiently and safely; from factories and production plants to transportation systems and heavy machinery.

Structural Integrity Monitoring Services: ensuring the longevity and reliability of your components

Imagine a world where your components not only stand the test of time, but also stand out for their longevity and reliability. That is exactly what we offer. From selecting materials to defining geometry and assembly procedures, we provide comprehensive design advice to ensure that your products are robust from the outset.

But that is not all. We also provide structural integrity monitoring services to extend the life of your components, even when they are damaged in a way that would make them unacceptable under normal quality criteria. With our expertise and advanced technology, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment will be under constant surveillance to detect any further damage when it develops.

With more than 40 years of experience at the forefront of materials engineering, we have analysed and solved a wide range of problems. The result? An in-depth understanding of the key factors to ensure the longevity of your products, helping them to stand out in today's competitive market.