European Ecolabel for paints and varnishes

27 May 2024
Etiqueta Ecológica Europea para pinturas y barnices

“TECNALIA is positioned as a strategic partner for paint and varnish manufacturers seeking to obtain the European Ecolabel.”

The European Ecolabel for paints and varnishes: Environmental quality assurance and health

The European Ecolabel has become a distinctive symbol of environmental quality and health throughout the European Union and EFTA countries. This Ecolabel certifies that paints and varnishes meet rigorous standards that promote sustainability and environmental protection throughout their life cycle.

For paint and varnish manufacturers, obtaining the European Ecolabel (EEE) means standing out among competitors in the market by demonstrating a genuine commitment to environmental care and user health. In addition, this label provides a significant competitive advantage by boosting marketing and improving product positioning in the marketplace.

In this context, TECNALIA emerges as an indispensable ally for manufacturers wishing to obtain the European Ecolabel (EEE) for these products. With its solid experience in research and development, TECNALIA offers a range of services designed to facilitate the certification process.

The services offered by TECNALIA for the award of the European Ecolabel are:

  • Performance of the tests set out on the EU Commission Decision, such as:
    • Wet scrub resistance
    • Determination of coating power (yield)
    • Volatile organic compound content, etc.
  • Preparation and issuing of the criteria evaluation report according to the manual established in the decision itself so that manufacturers can present it directly to the environmental delegations of each community, and thus facilitate the processing of the ecolabel.

In short, TECNALIA is positioned as a strategic partner for paint and varnish manufacturers seeking to obtain the European Ecolabel (EEE). TECNALIA’S expertise and specialised services not only simplify the certification process, but also guarantee the reliability of their tests, thus strengthening the reputation and competitiveness of companies in the European market and beyond.