Euskal Trenbide Sarea's innovation receives international recognition with the prestigious Quality Innovation Award

22 February 2021
Minibarreras para el ferrocarril

The award recognises innovative mini noise barriers as a highly competitive solution with a minimal visual impact and high noise reduction

TECNALIA and BECSA have joined forces to develop, manufacture and install an innovative noise barrier in Ermua. Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS) won the Quality Innovation Award, the highest recognition for innovation in this international competition.

The mini noise barrier, which TECNALIA’s Sustainable Urban Spaces team helped to develop, focuses on reducing noise impact and improving the quality of life of citizens. It is an economically very competitive modular solution that does not require foundations or major building work. Unlike conventional barriers, it is installed close to the railway tracks, providing similar levels of noise reductions to traditional solutions; as it is low in height, it has a low visual impact.

Further information

Advanced Services in Mobility-ASIMOB and Alias Robotics also received this prestigious award, along with the Basque Railway Network.

Three other Basque organisations (Gogoa Mobility Robots, ntClick Technological Solutions and SORALUCE) received the second prize in their respective categories.

Countries such as Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain (through CEX and EUSKALIT in the Basque Country), China, Russia, Serbia, India and a number of southern African countries took part in the Quality Innovation Awards.