Euskalduna Conference Centre is now using digital twin technology

29 July 2022
Plataforma de mantenimiento 4.0 para el Palacio Euskalduna

“TECNALIA has developed a pioneering maintenance platform 4.0, based on BIM and augmented reality for Euskalduna Conference Centre”

The new 4.0 maintenance platform will anticipate the logistics needs of the conference centre in order to improve its operation

The Euskalduna Conference Centre has become the first infrastructure of this nature to implement a digital twin. This model is able to anticipate potential problems and make it as easy as possible to maintain the building itself and to make it more efficient to operate. It also helps improve operating times and boost the useful life of machines and infrastructure.

The pioneering maintenance platform 4.0, which TECNALIA developed together with Innovae, Sisteplant, Saltoki and Ondoan, is based on BIM and augmented reality.

About the technology

Digital twin technology creates a digital replica of an object to collect real-time data from its operation using sensors. Simulations can then be run to analyse its behaviour in new scenarios. TECNALIA develops this type of technology to improve the performance of industrial processes, plants, cities and buildings.

Thanks to a digital twin, the platform warns engineers about unexpected changes in machine behaviour, so they can perform safe and preventive maintenance.

This entire maintenance process is supported in the field through instructions guided by augmented reality. This enables engineers to operate hands-free while easily and intuitively accessing all the knowledge they need to perform the task efficiently.

Internally, the combination of technologies feeds and constantly updates information on the state of the facilities.

The media talk about the project

**The TWIN 4.0 project has been funded by the Business R&D Support Programme - Hazitek, co-funded by the Basque Government and the EU through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).