Evaluation of the Pladur® NEO Continuous Suspended Ceiling System

24 February 2023
Sistema-pladur-NEO-Tecnalia pl

“The TC report issued, TC-087066, assesses the fitness of Pladur® NEO ceiling system for indoor use”

TECNALIA issues a new Technical Conformity Report (TC) for the Pladur® NEO continuous suspended ceiling system

The Pladur® NEO ceiling system is made up of a double frame, at the same level, which makes it possible to install different types of plasterboard from the Pladur® product range. The performance provided by the system varies depending on the board used and other parameters of the system such as modules and the presence of insulation.

The Pladur® NEO system was subjected to an exhaustive range of tests in TECNALIA's laboratories, including fire resistance, mechanical strength and acoustic tests, to assess compliance with the technical requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE), and as part of the process of delivering the TC report. This was complemented by mechanical calculations, technical studies, and an evaluation of the characteristics of the system’s components .

The Factory Production Control to which the product and its different components are subjected was approved as part of the same process of granting the TC report. This production control will be audited annually as a way of ensuring that the manufacturing conditions and, therefore, the product characteristics, which have resulted in the TC report being issued, are maintained.

TECNALIA Authorised Body recognised by the CTE

The Technical Conformity Report, or TC is an assessment of the fitness for intended use, issued by TECNALIA as an authorised body recognised by the CTE, which applies to innovative construction products.

The TC facilitates the implementation of these innovative products on the market by easily conveying the main characteristics of the product evaluated and the evidence of compliance with the CTE to prescribers, control bodies and project managers.