High-precision scanner for space programmes

27 September 2022

"The aim of the Hi-Prest initiative, in which TECNALIA is participating, is to manufacture an innovative high-precision scanner"

The consortium partners become leading suppliers in the design, development and manufacture of sub-micrometre-accurate, highly stable mechanisms for critical applications and environments

The Hi-Prestinitiative: technologies for high reliability and sub-micrometre accuracy mechanisms in critical applications and environments, working on the manufacture of an innovative high-precision scanner. It maximises the quality of images taken by telescopes mounted on satellites. It can also be integrated into the European Space Agency (ESA) or American Space Agency (NASA) space programmes.

More sustainable and efficient processes

TECNALIA carries out research activities related to more sustainable and efficient processes for manufacturing the mirrors for the scanners; micro-positioning technologies for the moving components of the high-precision scanner; solid lubrication and coating technologies and advanced simulation for mechanism components; strategies for offsetting thermal deformations and vibrations to ensure robust, precise and efficient manufacturing processes for the consortium companies.

Industrial innovation

Hi-Prest creates a local network of Basque companies and technology centres with the technological solvency to bid for large international projects in the aerospace sector with elements and components conceived, designed, manufactured and developed entirely in the Basque Country. TECNALIA is participating in this project, along with other Basque companies and centres, such as SENER, FAGOR Automation, Egile, IBARMIA Innovatek, KORTA, ULMA, UPV and Mondragon Unibertsitatea.