Ingredalia recognised at the Expansión Startup 2020 Awards as the 2nd best new company in the Food and Agrotech category

25 January 2021

The project is aimed at marketing natural functional ingredients developed using plant-based by-products from agri-food companies, mainly canning and freezing companies

The innovative technology-based company Ingredalia was recognised at the Expansión Startup 2020 Awards as the 2nd best new company in the Food and Agrotech category. Ingredalia was set up in 2017 in Milagro (Navarre) by the deep tech venture builder TECNALIA Ventures in collaboration between the TECNALIA research and technological development centre and the Navarre-based company Tratamiento Subproductos Agroalimentarios (TRASA).

The awards ceremony, which took place on December 3 in Barcelona, was overseen by a jury that included Iñaki Ortega, Head of Deusto Business School; Antonio Durán, Innovation Manager and Coordinator at the Abertis Group; Javier Jiménez, Managing Director of Lanzadera; Inés Rovira, Director of Territorial Partnerships and Forum at the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (IEF, Family Enterprise Institute); David Parra, CEO of Leyton Iberia; Miguel Vicente, Chairman of Barcelona Tech City; and Miguel Ángel Cubero, CEO of Ingredalia. Miguel Ángel Cubero declared that this award is a recognition of the company's entrepreneurship and commitment to new technologies, and of the efforts made in recent years to make this company a reality, thereby making it possible to improve both human and animal nutrition.

Sustainability and circular economy

Ingredalia's objective is to manufacture, distribute and market natural functional ingredients, extracts, additives and other natural and healthy products based on the use of organic materials from the agri-food sector, from a perspective that promotes sustainability and the circular economy. These products are aimed at very diverse sectors, such as the nutraceutical, food, cosmetics, health and beauty, agriculture and livestock industries, among others.

The company is currently engaged in industrialising and launching its first two products onto the market, both of which are broccoli-based: Sulforaphan-Smart is a functional ingredient that boosts people's immune systems, while Brasphenol is a natural antioxidant that extends the shelf life of food.

Further information

In 2019, Ingredalia concluded an increase in share capital, thereby giving prestigious investors in the sector access to the company's shares. It expects to achieve a sales target of four million euros over the next five years.