Malaga has the first self-driving vehicle linking the cruise terminal to the city centre

27 January 2020

The bus is also 100% electric: a pioneering pilot experience in Spain

In the coming weeks, Malaga's citizens will be able to see the first city bus without a driver that will connect the port with the city centre.

This bus is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in terms of sensors. It has a high precision guidance system and geolocation, allowing at all times to see its position in order to know its route in real time.

The vehicle, which is twelve meters long and with a capacity to transport about 60 passengers, is environmentally sustainable as it is 100% electric. The technology will enable it to blend in with the traffic as it will travel on normal roads and not in a specific lane.

The test phase is expected to begin next March and will last between three and six months. This initiative is the result of the work that TECNALIA, together with other partners and collaborators, has been doing for three years.