Meeting in Lisbon to boost offshore wind power

19 August 2022
Proyecto TWIND eólica marina

"We are holding the TWIND initiative's final event, focusing on knowledge transfer to support the growth of offshore wind power."

The event will take place on 10th November in Lisbon, during the WavEC annual seminar

The TWIND initiative aims to create a network of excellence that will spur a group of specialised professional researchers and trainers in the field of offshore wind power: it aims to support emerging industry in Portugal in a context of very strong anticipated growth, without a dedicated training curriculum.

The final event of the TWIND project on which we are working with the WavEC Offshore Renewables (Portugal) and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (UK) research centres, as well as the Technische Universiteit Delft (Netherlands), will take place on 10th November in Lisbon.

The meeting will be held during the annual WavEC seminar, organized by WavEC and the Spanish Embassy in Portugal. It will be the stage to comment on the evolution of offshore wind power on the Iberian coast, as well as the latest developments in the sector.

Transferring knowledge and experience in the offshore wind sector

Offshore renewable energy has the potential to supply 25% of the annual electricity consumed in Portugal and create a new export chain in these new technologies. The Portuguese Government predicts that potential exports in this field could increase employment in active sectors by up to ten times.

At TECNALIA, we are working with the other partners to transfer knowledge and experience in the offshore wind sector to WavEC, through employee exchanges, tutoring and workshops, among other actions.


  • TWIND project website
  • The agenda and detailed information on the event will be available at WavEC


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** This project has received funding from the Horizon H2020 EU research and innovation program, in accordance with Subsidy Agreement No. 857631