More resilient historic areas with resilience measures

26 September 2022
Jornada de co-creación en el evento del proyecto ARCH enfocado en soluciones para crear áreas históricas más resistentes

“The final event of the European ARCH project, which aims to improve the climatic and geological resilience of historic areas, was held last July”

TECNALIA has played a key role in the definition of resilience measures and roadmaps for the ARCH project’s pilot historic areas

The ARCH initiative, which has been running for just over three years since June 2019, has come to an end. We brought together more than 50 local and regional officials and actors from all over Europe in Hamburg, including representatives from local governments, universities, federal ministries, research organisations, city networks, as well as heritage preservation experts. The event raised the theme of resilience and cultural heritage, launching the question that has guided the ARCH project throughout its life: what are the best and most recent approaches to enhancing the resilience of historic areas?

Resilience and cultural heritage

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Hamburg's Minister for Culture and Media, opened the event with a comment on the host city, indicating that "the results of the ARCH project have helped us with digital analysis and have fostered interdisciplinary exchange, even within our city”. The results and tools developed within the framework of the ARCH project were highlighted: from integrated disaster risk management and climate change adaptation frameworks to resilience assessment tools and TECNALIA's developments aimed at helping to identify resilience solutions and their flexible planning. The speakers also presented the track record of the pilot cities involved in the project (Bratislava, Camerino, Hamburg and Valencia), known as Foundation Cities. They showed their contributions to the creation of ARCH tools and how they have already been put into practice to increase resilience on a city scale. Finally, the event provided an opportunity to network with other related projects, exchanging experiences and high-level conclusions between projects related to resilience and cultural heritage.

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This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation program, in accordance with Subsidy Agreement No. 820999.