New bioingredients from green algal blooms and brown algae and legume processing by-products

17 September 2020

A project called ALEHOOP aims to use these proteins to create a sustainable and affordable alternative to soy, cereal and potato protein

The main purpose of the ALEHOOP project is the industrial use of biomass coming from macroalgae and legume processing by-products. This will help to boost the local economy and reduce the import of other raw materials.

It also looks to optimise algal biomass processing in a biorefinery in order to increase protein harvesting as an alternative to other systems.

These treatments aim to achieve protein purity of 60-70%, a carbon footprint reduction of 30% compared to conventional processes; a price drop of 20% and a 20% reduction in production costs.

Two products will be obtained: one algae-based and another legume-based. Once these products are approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), they will be marketed in the EU.