Our experts address cybersecurity challenges

14 February 2024

The February issue of SIC magazine is a special feature on the cyberthreats and cyberattacks expected in 2024

Two TECNALIA experts talk to SIC magazine about cyberthreats and cyberattacks in 2024

The February issue of SIC magazine, one of the leading publications in the field of cybersecurity, is a special feature on the cyberthreats and cyberattacks expected in 2024. A number of experts, including two TECNALIA colleagues, have participated in this special issue: Ana Ayerbe and Óscar Lage, who shared their knowledge and experience on the main challenges and trends in this field.

TECNALIA experts in the SIC magazine

Ana Ayerbe, cybersecurity expert and Chair of RENIC (Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research), explains how cybercriminals are going to explore Generative AI and how this technology enables them to create fake images, videos, text and audio content to scam victims. This content can then be used for disinformation campaigns, extortion, phishing and data theft. Ana stressed the importance of developing mechanisms for detecting and verifying such content, as well as making users aware of the risks involved. Her article can be found on page 129 of this special issue.

Óscar Lage, a cybersecurity and cryptography expert, has shared his view on the expected evolution of cyberattacks in 2024. Óscar highlighted the emerging security and privacy challenges posed by the increasing adoption of LLMs (large language models).

This advanced technology could, among other things, allow access to training data and query history through techniques such as prompt hacking, the generation of vulnerable code and the improvement of phishing attacks.

LLMs have the ability to generate coherent and persuasive text from an input, which could be exploited by cybercriminals to carry out more sophisticated and personalised attacks. Lage emphasises the importance of protecting both the training data of these models and the data entered into the queries, especially in the face of increasing attacks targeting these artificial intelligence systems. Oscar’s full article can be found on page 133 of the special issue.

Collaboration in the cybersecurity sector

TECNALIA would like to thank SIC magazine for inviting our experts to take part in their special issue. Their input will definitely be of great interest to readers and to the cybersecurity industry.