PLATEA Certifications

23 February 2022
La computación cuántica para las simulaciones complejas y los procesos de optimización

“Accreditation certificate in the development of systems with PLATEA by means of an independent test, designed by TECNALIA technicians and implemented in collaboration with TECNALIA Research & Innovation”

PLATEA is the basic technological infrastructure for the Basque Government's Digital Administration

In order to have an efficient platform on which to develop information systems for the different government departments, the Basque Government’s Information and Communication Technologies Division (DTIC) has made significant technological investment in recent years through EJIE.

The competences of the Basque Government’s Information and Communication Technologies Division includes the approval of technological standards, which set out the technical specifications and requirements that support the services rolled out by the Basque Administration in the field of new technologies.

The technological Standards define a series of standards, products and the common infrastructure, considered to be corporate or core, which supports the different Information Systems of the Departments / Autonomous Bodies of the Basque Government.

These standards include the PLATEA Platform. PLATEA is the basic technological infrastructure for the Basque Government’s Digital Administration and use of its modules and systems are compulsory in the development of applications related to the mechanisation of the Basque Government’s administrative processing procedures.

However, both DTIC and EJIE are fully aware that having an efficient tool is necessary but not enough to achieve excellence in the development of data systems.
People appropriately trained and skilled in the effective use of this tool are also required.

Technical Resources Training Plan

For this reason, DTIC and EJIE have launched a Technical Resource Training Plan in order to ensure technical training for staff involved in the development of projects related to the use of corporate platforms and systems defined in the Basque Government's technological standards.

To guarantee training, specific certifications have been designed in different specialities, particularly in the field of development, quality assurance and the corporate technological platform for digital administration (PLATEA).

EJIE has decided to allow the accreditation of this technical expertise through an independent test, designed by our technicians and implemented in collaboration with TECNALIA Research & Innovation.

This certification scheme is open to all. To obtain the accreditation certificate, a test of knowledge needs to be taken at the TECNALIA Research & Innovation facility in Zamudio (Bizkaia).

TECNALIA Research & Innovation, as an independent organisation, guarantees full transparency and objectivity of the certification process.

Available certifications

There are 12 PLATEA Certification modules that TECNALIA Research & Innovation offers users. These modules are:

  • Geremua (Developer)
  • Geremua (Analyst)
  • Internet Presence (Developer)
  • Internet Presence (Analyst)
  • Tele-processing (Developer)
  • Tele-processing (Analyst)
  • SOA (Developer)
  • SOA (Analyst)
  • Dokusi (Developer)
  • Dokusi (Analyst)
  • SQA (Developer)
  • SQA (Analyst)
  • UDA (Developer)
  • UDA (Analyst)

Registration for any of the PLATEA Certification modules costs €306 (+ 21% VAT)

Registration: completion of a test

If you would like to register for a test or certify several people from an organisation, please send an email to . This email will also be used to provide detailed information of the registration process and payment of the certification enrolment fee. is also the main means of contact with the PLATEA-TECNALIA team. Any questions or inquiries should be submitted to this email.