Presentation of the Bizkaia Connected Corridor project

8 March 2023
Presentación Bizkaia Connected Corridor a la Asociación Mundial de la Carretera

“If you have an innovation project related to connected mobility, autonomous mobility or connected infrastructures, do not hesitate to contact TECNALIA”

Bizkaia Connected Corridor: presentation of the project to the World Road Association - PIARC

We presented the Bizkaia Connected Corridor in conjunction with Bizkaia Provincial Council at the international meeting of the World Road Association’s Technical Committees. The Presidents and Secretaries of all the Technical Committees and Study Groups, the President of PIARC, the Secretary General of PIARC and other members of the Strategic Planning Commission, making a total of around 60 people, met at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao.

PIARC congratulated TECNALIA and Bizkaia Provincial Council

The Bizkaia Connected Corridor offers a unique experimentation environment at a national level for all types of technology related to mobility and infrastructures. There are technological deployments related to cutting-edge technologies, such as Cooperative-ITS, Internet of Things, autonomous mobility, digital twin or the circular economy and sustainability, among others.

These technological deployments of the Bizkaia Connected Corridor include a Datalake that makes all the data collected available to researchers; 30 C-ITS beacons spread over 80 km of various types of road, several sensorised infrastructures with IoT technology, several cameras and LiDARs to collect anonymised traffic data, and equipment that is available to the international research and business community.

If the existing technological deployment does not meet the needs of your project, you can propose a new deployment in an area, which covers these needs, in the geographical area of roads and cycle paths in Bizkaia.