Simulation of cyber-attacks in industry: cyber range

10 November 2022
Simulación de ciberataques en la industria: cyber range

"The Cyber Range is a platform that enables the simulation of real operating environments for the training and coaching of individuals or groups of professionals"

Two practical sessions on "cyber-attacks in industry" were held at our facilities on the Alava Technology Park  

Cybersecurity is the backbone of any organisation's technology strategy and a key element of digitalisation. Industrial companies are increasingly aware of the need to incorporate cybersecurity into their organisations.

Therefore, we have collaborated with ARABA 4.0 and the Basque Cybersecurity Centre in the organisation of a series of conferences that move from theory to practice, thanks to the simulation of a cyber-attack on a plant.

Over the course of two sessions, the companies carried out exercises related to ethical hacking and the tools to be used, as well as learning how to apply the techniques that cover an attack on an OT network from an IT network.

Cyber Range: key tool for cybersecurity learning

At TECNALIA, we have pioneering facilities in Europe, dedicated to staff training and research, as well as developing and validating new cybersecurity technologies in a Cyber-Range virtual environment. Our laboratory is part of the Cybesecurity node at the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, coordinated by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre.

This laboratory, connected to the other four laboratories of the node which are distributed geographically throughout the Basque Country, is expressly designed for the training and continuous training of cybersecurity professionals: it also contributes to the training of new professionals in the sector.

TECNALIA's cybersecurity team has been working in this field for some time, designing and implementing these training scenarios in both IT (corporate) networks and OT (operational) networks, given the new cybersecurity needs introduced by the digital industry, as well as hybrid networks in which there is communication between the IT and OT worlds.