Strengthening cloud security certification

26 September 2022
Reforzamos la certificación de seguridad en la nube

“The 2023 and MEDINA initiatives will collaborate to raise awareness and promote cybersecurity and cloud certification”

Driving European standardisation efforts in the field of cloud security certification 2023, a European initiative supporting the EU's commitment to international ICT standardisation, focuses on the horizontal and vertical ICT domains, as defined in the step-by-step Plan for ICT Standardisation. MEDINA is an EU-funded research project that provides a holistic framework to improve customer control and trust in cloud services. It also supports service providers (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers) towards the successful achievement of continuous certification in line with the EU Cybersecurity Act (EU CSA). Both projects will collaborate to raise awareness and drive forward cybersecurity and cloud certification, an they will also report on contributions made to ICT standards, including use cases and success stories. The initiatives will also cooperate on activities related to the 2023 "European Observatory for ICT Standardisation - EUOS", including the population of the ICT Standards Repository. They will support the creation of synergies with other projects and initiatives active in ICT standardisation.

Opinions of cybersecurity experts

Our colleague, Cristina Martinez, Project Manager of MEDINA states that "the collaboration with the project will represent a great opportunity to enhance the impact of both projects in the field of certification and to benefit from each other's achievements. The ICT standards repository and the HSbooster project, which shares synergies with, will further complement the standardisation activities in MEDINA, and will enable us to explore potential cooperation with other cybersecurity projects with which has relationships". Francesco Osimanti, Vice-Coordinator of 2023 notes that "we look forward to cooperating together to enrich the results of our projects and bring benefits to our respective networks of interested communities. The framework that MEDINA is developing is perfectly in line with the ultimate goal of, which is to facilitate and support the standardisation activities and digital transformation of European companies".

More about 2023 2023 funds European fellowships in ICT standardisation through a series of open calls, providing a total of almost €3 million in funding. On the other hand, it operates the European Observatory for ICT Standardisation (EUOS); an interactive online ecosystem that includes an up-to-date repository of standards, as well as working groups that share information on ongoing standardisation efforts in different initiatives and domains.

More about MEDINA

MEDINA's infrastructure makes use of a cloud-based supply chain, continuously supporting the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of security measures to ultimately achieve and maintain certification. The proposed framework will consist of tools, techniques and processes that support the continuous auditing and certification of cloud services where security and accountability are measured by design.