Sustainable transformation in the agri-food industry

30 May 2023
Impulsamos el ecosistema de la industria agroalimentaria

“TECNALIA boosts the ecosystem of the agri-food industry by training and connecting the stakeholders in the chain, especially among SMEs”

TranXforma FOOD and TECNALIA join forces to boost sustainable transformation in the agri-food sector

TECNALIA is strengthening the ecosystem of the agri-food industry thanks to the agreement signed with the TranXforma FOOD innovation platform. Both organisations are working together to promote the sustainable transformation of the agri-food industry, focusing mainly on SMEs and on the projects that can be developed within the framework of this collaboration.

The aim is to promote innovation in an essential sector, complementing and enriching other existing instruments in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. To this end, a collaboration agreement has been signed within the framework of the Food4Future fair, held in Bilbao in May.

Collaborative projects between corporations and innovation organisations

TECNALIA collaborates with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness, people’s quality of life and achieve sustainable growth. “Thanks to this new alliance, we offer our knowledge and experience as a technology centre in order to boost the agri-food industry ecosystem and, more specifically, to strengthen it and generate new business opportunities,” explains Jesús Valero, CEO of TECNALIA.

TECNALIA is also taking part in the TranXforma FOOD Platform Board of Directors and will have the status of “mentor”, advising on the projects and contributing their knowledge and experience.

TranXforma FOOD is an initiative aimed at promoting the sustainable transformation of SMEs in the agri-food industry through innovation. It bases its activity on the development of collaborative projects between corporations and innovation-generating entities (technology centres, universities, etc.) based on the identification of industry challenges and their subsequent resolution.

Platform for innovative SMEs; agri-food sector

TranXforma FOOD is developing a project to boost innovation in order to promote the sustainable transformation of SMEs in the agri-food industry. This new initiative aims to articulate the development of collaborative projects between SMEs and start-ups, seeking solutions to challenges that generate new market opportunities.

According to José María Cobo, founder and CEO of TranXforma FOOD, the company’s methodology involves a “company-building” model, which is then scaled up, enabling the identified objectives to be achieved: reconversion of business models, retention of talent, generation of innovation, increasing investment and positioning the Spanish agri-food sector as a relevant and priority sector on an international level.

TranXforma FOOD is already working on various projects that are at an advanced stage of development, in the areas of preserving food quality and shelf life, the generation of biocompostable thermoplastics for food use and the use of biomass from agricultural production, among others.