Technological solutions for industrial companies

11 April 2022
Advanced factories: descubre lo último en automatización industrial, robótica y tecnologías para transformar tu negocio

“The new intelligent industry model is based on the fusion of physical and digital manufacturing to make industrial sense of the connectivity and data revolution.”

In the latest edition of Advanced Factories, TECNALIA’s experts showed the technological innovations implemented in industry

Smart production is used to transform the industrial company of the future and new industrial business models. At TECNALIA, we are working on transferring our technological expertise to industry.

At Advanced Factories, we discussed the importance of Industrial Service and Data Economywith Óscar Lage, Head of Cybersecurity and Blockchain at TECNALIA; Machines of the Future. Equipment Interaction and Failure Anticipation with Diego Galar, who also gave another presentation on Connected Coexistence of Advanced Equipment and Legacy.

Regarding the most factory-oriented environment, Iñigo Lazkantegi presented an industrial case of the deployment of machine-integrated sensorised devices for real-time status monitoring.

Finally, quantum computing had to be included in an intelligent and advanced manufacturing environment. Iñigo Arizaga revealed some innovations in other fields of application of photonic technologies in industry.

TECNALIA through its success stories at the Factory of the Future awards

TECNALIA's developments have been present at THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE AWARDS through two collaborating companies, which were finalists in their respective projects:

  • In the Best research and development of artificial intelligence applied in industrial plants category, intended for developments in the field of artificial intelligence in industrial and production processes, FERSA BEARINGS was awarded the prize for its parameter prediction and suggestion tool based on the process metamodel of a biconic bearing manufacturing line. A project carried out on line Z3 of the Fersa Bearings factory in Zaragoza, enabled the company to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the control of the bearing manufacturing process.
  • In the most disruptive start-up in the industrial sector award, intended to recognise newly created companies and entrepreneurial projects, we have backed the BIOFRAME spin-off (by SZENDEX), a company that is committed to smart refrigeration for hospital logistics, a case for Vital Deliveries. It was vying for the award through the presentation of the joint development with TECNALIA to respond to the specific material, information and communication needs of logistics for health goods.