TECNALIA and Ermua Town Hall work together to develop a digital urban laboratory

17 December 2021

“TECNALIA will study whether it is viable to meet technological demands around the smart city concept in a real context”

The agreement was signed this week by the Building Technologies Director, Ermua-born Javier Urreta, and the Mayor of Ermua, Juan Carlos Abascal

TECNALIA and Ermua Town Hall signed a collaboration agreement to develop a pilot project and create an experimentation environment to be used by companies at the IoT Laboratory of Izarra Centre and others, in order to simulate and test applications for technological solutions before they are deployed and marketed.

The aim of the Digital Innovation Hub’s proof of concept is not to create an end product but to check the viability of infrastructure for R&D and innovation with advanced technological solutions; especially those linked to information and communications technology (ICT) and IoT (Internet of Things) applied to smart cities.

Strategic and town planning by Ermua Town Hall

Ermua will offer application frameworks for the pilot project which are aligned with the Town Hall’s strategic and town planning instruments, such as the new Urban Agenda, the Accessibility Plan and other benchmark plans. It will also provide access to data regarding urban assets, as well as sociodemographic and economic data.

Furthermore, it will identify potential applications of the pilot project when carrying out predictive analytics for planning, maintaining and operating infrastructure and local assets. The overall aim is to have a virtual environment to experiment before using the applications in real environments.

It is a collaboration agreement, which means that there is no remuneration between parties and both of them cover the costs of the activities they agree to carry out. The project will have a monitoring committee which will meet at least once every quarter.