TECNALIA and Formula Student design autonomous vehicle

11 September 2023

“Formula Student Bizkaia has worked on the development of the first autonomous driving system ‘made in Euskadi’ called GidarIA”

The Formula Student Bizkaia project by the Bilbao School of Engineering has won first place in the autonomous vehicledesign category in the Formula Student UK competition.

Formula Student Bizkaia have been developing the first autonomous driving system “made in Euskadi” called GidarIA: once connected to an autonomous vehicle, it analyses sensor data from the environment using artificial intelligence and makes appropriate decisions to drive around the circuit autonomously.

This ground-breaking system, based on the latest automotive industry standards, has been recognised as the best autonomous system design at the prestigious Formula Student UK competition held at Silverstone at the end of July.

The Formula Student Bizkaia project by the Bilbao School of Engineering bases its learning on the innovative “Company at the University” model: as well as high-quality training, it promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and technological development.

Collaboration between TECNALIA and Formula Student Bizkaia

TECNALIA collaborates with Formula Student Bizkaia as a platinum sponsor supporting its members in different activities and technologies. It helps them to achieve their goals thanks to its technological expertise, not only in the automotive field but also in related technologies:

  • Dynacar software licences for Matlab/Simulink
  • Transfer of unique equipment (multi-layer LiDAR)
  • Testing on TECNALIA’s automated platforms and test tracks
  • Use of function libraries for automated vehicles
  • Training/tutoring by TECNALIA staff in different areas: use of the equipment and software provided, basic training in automated vehicles, automated vehicle functions (trajectory generation, SLAM, trajectory tracking, perception)

Congratulations to the entire Formula Student Bizkaia team on their success and to the other entities that, together with TECNALIA, actively collaborate to fund this educational project.