TECNALIA approved to carry out innovative projects for Madrid Region

11 January 2022
TECNALIA habilitada para la realización de trabajos innovadores para la Comunidad de Madrid.

“TECNALIA has been accepted in the three technologies of the second batch to which it had applied: mobile apps, advanced analytics, and blockchain and DLT”

On 15 December, TECNALIA received confirmation of its participation in the framework agreement for “Consultancy, Design and Creation of Innovative Digital Transformation Services for Madrid Region” issued by Madrid Digital’s Digital Factory,  the region’s Digital Administration Agency, which aims to provide technical services to all the departments of the regional government.

Goal of the framework agreement

Beneficiaries may receive regular invitations to tender from the Digital Agency to provide services required by the agency itself or by any other regional organ.

Furthermore, innovative proposals that offer solutions to problems regarding digital administration or the digitalisation of regional government services may be considered and awarded the contract directly.

Mobile apps, advanced analytics, and blockchain and DLT

TECNALIA has been accepted in the three technologies in the second batch to which it had applied: mobile apps, advanced analytics, and blockchain and DLT. TECNALIA is also sixth in the third technology on this list, which means that notifications may be received to submit offers as soon as a contract is put out to tender in that area.

As for the other two technologies, TECNALIA may also be notified, as invitations will probably follow certain cycles to avoid a few suppliers taking most of the contracts. It is worth noting that if an invitation is turned down, the supplier gets a yellow card, and if it happens again, the supplier then gets a red card and loses the status as such.

The most interesting aspect of this contract, however, is the chance to be able to offer innovative projects without having to submit a tender, if Madrid Digital considers the proposal to be valuable. Work with other key regional digital innovation stakeholders will also be possible.

This first step, which must be followed up by generating innovative ideas over the next months, has been possible thanks to the TECNALIA ICT unit’s excellent track record and experience managing projects, and to the diligence of the tender team.