TECNALIA calls for solutions that address the social challenges defined by the European Commission

6 May 2021
Lanzamos un concurso sobre soluciones que aborden los retos sociales definidos por la Comisión Europea

The Co-Change initiative will reward ideas that generate a change in practical terms, procedures, routines or rules throughout the research cycle.

The European Co-Change initiative, in which TECNALIA participates, applies an innovative systemic approach to boost the transformative capacity and leadership of responsible research through change labs.

At Co-Change, we believe that as research organisations, it is our responsibility to connect science to society. To do so, we are calling for innovators (individuals, teams and organisations) from all over the world to present solutions that address the SDGs or the social challenges defined by the EC through an ecosystem approach.

We will reward any idea that generates a change in practical terms, procedures, routines or rules throughout the research cycle.

  1. Significant changes in culture, structures and practices to achieve more responsible R&I policies and practices, for example, bringing together different levels and scales of change.
  2. Diversity and democratisation of governance in science and research;
  3. Empowered practice communities, through the creation of coalitions or access to shared resources;
  4. Experiments, mechanisms and formats for reflection that act as a catalyst, create dialogue and understanding among stakeholders.

Science and society

Ethical and responsible conduct in research and innovation is key to transform science-society relations. It implies that social stakeholders - researchers, citizens, policy makers, businesses and third-sector organisations - work together throughout the whole research and innovation process.

The aim is to align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society.

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