TECNALIA collaborates in the creation of a digital conservation of cultural heritage centre

30 April 2021
Patrimonio cultural

We will create a useful collaborative digital space for agents involved in the conservation of heritage

The main aim of the 4CH project is to set up the methodological, procedural and organisational framework of the future Competence Centre on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, a competence centre that will work on-line with international, national, regional and local cultural institutions, providing them with advice, support and services focused on the preservation and conservation of historical monuments and sites.

It will work as a virtual infrastructure: it will provide experience, advice and different services using state-of-the-art technologies with a special focus on 3D technology.

Designing a European Competence Centre for cultural heritage is complex. It needs to adapt to many different conditions: how cultural heritage is managed; which risks may affect its conservation and preservation or how it may be valued.

What is a Competence Centre?
The term Competence Centre is used in different contexts to describe an infrastructure dedicated to knowledge organisation and transfer. It has different meanings according to the focus area, scope, domain, and socio-economic framework, with different objectives, organisation, and operational mode.

Further information

The 4CH initiative is led by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics, which coordinates a team of 19 partners from13 countries.

In its efforts to drive the conservation of European cultural heritage and its upgrading through new technologies, the European Commission has implemented this project within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme. It was officially launched last February.