TECNALIA develops a guide for the Andalusian Government that helps to integrate climate change into urban planning

15 July 2021
Ciudad de Granada de noche

It will provide support in the Strategic Environmental Assessment to approve urban instruments

Our experts in climate change have developed the Guide for the incorporation of Climate Change in the Environmental Assessment procedure of the Urban Planning instruments in Andalusia for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development.

The Guide identifies urban and land planning as its strategic areas. Likewise, it will be a crucial resource to respond to the new Act 7/2021 on Climate Change and Energy Transition. This new legislation requires integrating climate change risks in urban planning, an area that TECNALIA has been working on for years.

It is a methodological guide of an indicative and non-normative nature. It supports public and private professionals who work locally and consider climate change in the Strategic Environmental Assessment, which accompanies the approval of urban planning instruments.

This guide was recently presented in a work session with staff from different councils of the Andalusian Regional Government, as well as local and provincial administrations of the region.

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