TECNALIA finalist at the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2023

21 November 2023
premio Advanced Manufacturing 2023

“TECNALIA is a finalist in the ‘Smart Factory: Best Connected Production Chain’ category”

“BPOS-POM” project finalist at Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2023

TECNALIA’s Diana Manjarres represented the TECNALIA team at the 15th Advanced Manufacturing event, held at IFEMA on 15 & 16 November, with the project “BPOS-POM: Biomass Power-Plant Operating System - Process Optimisation Manager”.

This project, carried out for ACCIONA, was selected as a finalist in the “Smart Factory: Best Connected Production Chain” category in the prestigious Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2023.

Developments in renewable energy and smart manufacturing

The project “BPOS-POM: Biomass Power-Plant Operating System - Process Optimisation Manager” has proven to be a benchmark for the optimisation of operating processes in biomass power plants. AI has been used to achieve an annual improvement of €132k. This achievement translates into optimised power generation performance, reduced maintenance costs and a significantly lower environmental impact.

Remarkable results: higher efficiency and lower carbon footprint

BPOS-POM has managed to improve power generation efficiency from 0.845 to 0.835 Tn/MWh, as well as reducing maintenance costs in slag and ash management and minimising fouling. Not only are these improvements a milestone in operational efficiency, but they also help to create a lower environmental impact and a reduced carbon footprint.

Recognising TECNALIA’s commitment

TECNALIA would like congratulate Diana Manjarres and the whole team involved in the development of BPOS-POM. This recognition is not only a testament to excellence in innovation and engineering, but also an encouragement to continue to address TECNALIA’s customers’ challenges in the world of renewable energy.

Looking towards the future of smart manufacturing in renewable energy

TECNALIA is committed to constantly seeking innovative solutions that help to boost sustainability and efficiency in smart manufacturing.