TECNALIA has joined the association specialising in urban solutions

30 June 2022
Madrid Gran Vía

“MWCC started in 2020 with the aim of consolidating the international position of Madrid and Spain as a global benchmark in the field of engineering, construction and architecture”

MWCC is an international association specialising in urban solutions, made up of more than 150 public and private entities.

Madrid is home to the best international universities, so it aspires to lead the training through universities and business schools in Madrid and across Spain, to strengthen the position of Madrid and Spain as a hub for innovation, sustainability and best business and professional practices, and to offer society new models of cities based on sustainability.

TECNALIA as a collaborating entity

TECNALIA has joined the project as a collaborating entity, alongside public administration agents, companies, foundations/associations, technological institutes and universities. This represents the whole spectrum of agents involved in the sector of engineering, construction and architecture sector of cities.

As noted by the Chairman of MWCC, David García Núñez, “the fact that TECNALIA has joined the project proves its firm commitment to innovation in the urban solutions projects that it develops”.