TECNALIA, Iberdrola and Indra-Minsait develop AI applications for energy

11 January 2022
participantes en el proyecto AI4TES

“IA4TES studies the use of AI for renewable production, smart grid, efficient consumption and enabling markets”

Over the next three years, our digitalisation and energy experts will work on IA4TES: an artificial intelligence project for energy transformation

It is the only project focused on the energy sector approved by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, as part its Artificial Intelligence R&D Missions Programme, funded by the Next Generation EU Funds.

These funds aim to help SMEs and large companies mitigate the economic and social impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and make European economies and societies more sustainable. Only five projects have been approved in this call for projects: three in the healthcare sector, one in agri-food, and one in energy – IA4TES.

The project will promote the deployment of an efficient, sustainable and net-zero electricity system:

  • With a mostly renewable production, a mixture of centralised and distributed;
  • With a digitalised, automated and optimised grid, capable of providing bidirectional services to all types of users and interlocutors;
  • With new services that facilitate the autonomous participation of users in new electricity consumption models;
  • With an optimised design of markets and innovative elements, such as energy storage.

IA4TES will strengthen TECNALIA’s commitment to research into facilitating AI-based enabling technologies, both in the new advanced intelligence algorithms and new paradigms of data governance and distributed data intelligence; and in cases where these technologies are applied to renewable production, a smart grid, efficient consumption and enabling markets.

About Artificial intelligence 2021 Missions

The Artificial Intelligence R&D Missions Programme 2021 is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan launched by the Spanish Ministry for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, and funded by the Next Generation EU Funds.

This programme is aimed at large R&D cooperation programmes in which both public and private entities take part to tackle big missions in Spain within various areas. IA4TES is led by Iberdrola together with Indra-Minsait. Seven startups and seven research agents, including TECNALIA, are also taking part.