TECNALIA improves logistics processes in the port sector

24 May 2023

“TECNALIA improves logistics processes and sustainability in strategic port service areas in Spain”

TECNALIA improves logistic processes and sustainability in strategic port service areas in Spain

This initiative, which is promoted by the energy and logistics sector, seeks to improve logistics and efficiency in key port areas in Spain using artificial intelligence (AI) and collaborative robotics in process automation, optimisation platforms, new more sustainable vehicles, incorporation of renewable energies and energy vectors such as hydrogen.

The aim of the project is to improve logistics processes and sustainability in strategic port service areas in Spain. This initiative will be developed in key areas such as the ports of Barcelona, Cartagena and Valencia, and will be active until 2025: it has been subsidised by CDTI, and with IGNIS, an integrated renewable energy group, as coordinator.

Work will be carried out this year to increase the sustainability of port processes and efficient mobility; the development of energy solutions for these areas; the optimisation of maritime containers and bulk cargo through AI; and the development of new digitalised and automated logistics systems for all the processes developed in the port service areas.

Integrated solutions for industries

In order to guarantee the success of this initiative, a consortium will be formed by leading companies in the logistics, artificial intelligence and mobility sectors, such as Eiffage Infraestructuras, FM Logistic, Trans-Base Soler, Passion MotorBike Factory, Astilleros Astander, Aquiles Solutions, the Cartif research centre and TECNALIA as a benchmark centre for automatic and efficient mobility systems.

The promotion of projects like this one, where innovation and collaboration between leading companies in their sector play a key role for an agile and effective decarbonisation, is essential for the sector. This combination will allow the development of integrated solutions for industries, which contribute to improving their energy efficiency and competitiveness.