TECNALIA involved in the drafting of a European reference manual to assess the impact of nature-based solutions

14 July 2021

Provides evidence of the benefits of this integration, as well as a solid set of indicators and methodologies to assess its impacts

The European Commission has recently published the handbook “Evaluating the impact of Nature-based Solutions: a handbook for practitioners”. This manual is the result of a collaborative effort between participants from 17 European initiatives.

Our experts in climate change have contributed in aspects related to the principles that guide the performance of the NBS and the impact evaluation, with the approaches for the development of monitoring and evaluation strategies and the performance and impact indicators of NBS.

Integration of Nature-based Solutions in urban planning

This handbook is a key milestone in advancing the integration of NBS into urban planning and providing evidence of its benefits and co-benefits.

One of its main objectives is to guide urban management professionals in the development of solid impact assessment frameworks for the integration of NBS at different scales. It also strives to provide a solid set of indicators and methodologies to quantify the impacts with relation to the 12 challenges: climate resilience; water management; natural and climatic hazards; management of green spaces; biodiversity; air quality; regeneration of areas; knowledge and development of social capacities for sustainable urban transformation; participatory planning and governance; social justice and social cohesion; health and wellness; and new economic opportunities and green jobs.

The document also informs end users on the suitability, advantages, and disadvantages of applying different evaluation approaches and techniques.

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