TECNALIA presents a research project at the University of Zaragoza that achieves a significant increase in electrical power extraction

11 November 2021
Energy Harvesting, basado en la extracción eficiente de energía eléctrica a partir de las vibraciones mecánicas

Energy Harvesting applications are based on efficient electrical power extraction using mechanical vibrations.

Researchers from the Smart System area, Nieves Murillo, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Daniel Gil and Irene Pérez, presented a research project entitled Piezoelectric actuators mode of vibration influence on energy harvesting applications on 21 October at the University of Zaragoza, in the 2nd I3A Session and 10th Young researchers session.

It is based on optimising how piezoelectric material plates vibrate, in an attempt to significantly increase electric power extraction.

The work presents piezoelectricity as an energy collection source with a comprehensive vision, combining design and manufacturing of the actual harvester with development of the electronics for conversion, management and storage. This thereby covers operating needs for IoT smart electronic devices, a paradigm of Industry 4.0.

TECNALIA presented one of its lines of work concerning Energy Harvesting solutions and made a name for itself in the Aragón engineering research hub.

Further information

  • The session, organised by I3A, the Aragón Engineering Research University Institute, included over 50 projects by young researchers who are working with this institute on their doctoral theses.