TECNALIA publishes a paper on quantum sensing in Physical Review Letters

17 April 2024

“This is the TECNALIA’s first publication in the journal Physical Review Letters”

TECNALIA achieved a significant milestone with the publication of an innovative research paper in the journal Physical Review Letters, one of the most prestigious journals with the highest h-index in the field of physics

The work carried out between TECNALIA and the University of the Basque Country has resulted in a system for processing signals from quantum sensors for detecting 13C in wide-range magnetic fields.  The combination of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres together with 13C is key to chemical characterisation systems and their use in quantum internet and NV-based quantum computers.

The article entitled “Automatic detection of nuclear spins at arbitrary magnetic fields via signal-to-image AI model” was written by our colleagues Estíbaliz Garrote, Elena Terradillos, Aitor Alvarez-Gila together with Borja Varona, Carlos Munuera, Yue Ban and Jorge Casanova.

The article discusses how quantum sensors with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres in diamond make it possible to take advanced measurements at room temperature. Despite the complexity and noise of the signals, this new deep learning model can quickly identify interactions between NV sensors and nuclear spins, even in low magnetic field conditions.

Article published in the journal Physical Review Letters

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.150801