TECNALIA Ventures, promoter of the new Basque Financial Cluster

21 February 2024

“TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA’s Deep Tech Venture Builder, is part of the promoter group of BasqueFIK, the new Basque Financial and Investment Cluster”.

TECNALIA Ventures, the Deep Tech Venture Builder of TECNALIA, is part of the promoter group of BasqueFIK, the new Financial andI investment Cluster in the Basque Country.

BasqueFIK has been set up as a non-profit association at the request of the Basque President, Iñigo Urkullu, with the aim of transforming the financial and investment ecosystem of the Basque economy in order to contribute to the sustainable competitiveness of the business and industrial fabric. The expectation is to achieve a more sustainable and social economy that increases well-being and development in the region.

TECNALIA Ventures, represented by its CEO, Asier Rufino, together with other private promoters, is part of the BasqueFIK promoter group, which will be chaired by Jon Ander de las Fuentes (Artizarra Fundazioa) and Fernando del Hoyo (Kutxabank) will be the Vice-Chair.

BasqueFIK’s priorities for action

The priorities for action of this cluster, which was created with a cross-cutting vision for the Basque economy, are to disseminate financial culture and increase knowledge of the instruments, institutions and financial function in companies and citizens.

The creation of an Information Dissemination Observatory and networking, training and collaboration activities are part of the activities to revitalise the sector. BasqueFIK will prioritise the promotion of digital transformation and advanced technology through R&D and also new applied technologies by accelerating start-ups.

The cluster aims to gain knowledge and financial and investment talent in the Basque Country, to develop strategic and transformative projects, among others, and to promote the generation of professionals and talent.

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