TECNALIA works on reducing energy consumption and improving steel quality using artificial intelligence

21 May 2021
Inteligencia artificial en al industria

Understanding and having a roadmap for adopting AI in industry is key.

At the International Artificial Intelligence in Industry Congress organised by SECPHO, TECNALIA's Director of Computer Vision, Jone Echazarra, shared some of the success stories achieved using artificial intelligence technologies.

She described a project designed to reduce energy consumption by detecting and counting bubbles in the production of glass containers. She also outlined another initiative to improve the quality of steel by optimising the smelting and casting process by characterising the type of scrap metal.

In increasingly digitised industry, data is generated, processed and analysed, helping to create digital twins. This vast amount of data, coupled with artificial intelligence, is providing a huge boost to the industry as a whole.

Roadmap for artificial intelligence

Understanding and having a roadmap for adopting AI in industry is key, together with data exploration, designing and developing models, and implementing and monitoring them.

Further information

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