The aerospace industry moves forward in automating composite manufacturing processes

22 March 2021
La industria aeroespacial avanza en la automatización de procesos de fabricación de materiales compuestos

TECNALIA is a partner in the AVANWINGLET initiative together with different research organisations with extensive experience, such as FIDAMC, CTA and UPV-EHU.

TECNALIA develops advanced manufacturing technologies and optimises the means and processes for producing composite winglet configurations under the AVANWINGLET initiative. It addresses the problem of low automation and, therefore, the productivity, repeatability and high cost of composite aerostructure manufacturing processes in Spain. These process are still very artisanal and labour-intensive, which has an impact on the cost of the final product.

The aim is to train our staff technologically so that they acquire the know-how to be able to manufacture such products in the near future in a competitive, productive, flexible, robust and efficient way. The project helps the competitive positioning of the companies in the consortium as benchmark manufacturers of composite aerostructures and flexible manufacturing means for the new generation of winglets.

Further information

The AVANWINGLET consortium, led by AERNNOVA COMPOSITES ILLESCAS, brings together companies from the value chain of integrated development and manufacturing of aeronautical structures such as AERNNOVA ENGINEERING DIVISION, ICSA, COASA and SOFITEC, together with developers and integrators of flexible automation solutions such as SERTEC and NORTE.