The Basque Country and Wales collaborate in microelectronics

6 November 2023
Euskadi y Gales: Colaboración en Microelectrónica

“Representatives of the Basque microelectronics and semiconductor strategy visit Wales Tech Week to identify collaboration opportunities”

The Basque Country and Wales explore opportunities for collaboration in microelectronics and semiconductors

Representatives of the Basque Microelectronics Hub (BMH) have met at the Wales Tech Week summit in Newport, South Wales, to explore collaboration opportunities with both public and private agents in Britain in the field of microelectronics and semiconductors.

Since a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2018, Wales and the Basque Country have maintained a strong relationship at both institutional and business levels, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and promoting mutual development and welfare.

Wales Tech Week aims to facilitate networking and generate opportunities between companies and professionals involved in semiconductors and microelectronics. The 2023 edition featured many exhibitions and presentations of products and services, conferences, discussions and presentations of innovative projects. This was all part of a comprehensive programme aimed at boosting new activity in the region.

Basque representatives had a unique opportunity to network and create alliances between microelectronics and semiconductor organisations with an interest in international expansion.

Wales and the Basque Country share a very similar industrial, technological and innovative path, as well as other things in common such as their strong commitment to Sustainable Human Development, the emphasis on their cultural identity and the promotion of their own languages.

TECNALIA joins the Basque delegation on its strategic visit to Wales

The Basque delegation made up of representatives from the SPRI Group, CEIT, GAIA, Ikerlan, UPV-EHU and TECNALIA visited the headquarters of some of the public and private agents with the greatest technological capabilities in the microelectronics and semiconductor ecosystem in Wales, as part of a schedule organised by the Wales Development Agency (Trade for Wales).

This first visit was a valuable way of exchanging experiences and better understanding the business and institutional context in both ecosystems. The aim is to identify new common challenges and opportunities and to collaborate on advanced technological activities such as design, architecture and use of materials, as well as other key aspects.

TECNALIA: Microelectronics and Semiconductors

Our mission is to transform technological research into prosperity and build a better world through R&D&I, increasing the positive impact of our activity in different dimensions, such as economic, scientific-technological, social and environmental.

In the field of chips, TECNALIA is creating new technical developments for quantum sensing and detection that exploit the manipulation of matter to harness the properties of quantum mechanics.

There is a vast range of applications that can be built in sensing with this technology: in the field of healthcare, nuclear magnetic resonance applications, lab-on-chip, diagnostics, etc.; in the field of mobility, gyroscopes, inertial sensors, radars, etc.; in industry, inspection sensors; in metrology, to detect size, time, magnetism, etc. For this, a laboratory is being deployed with a unique scientific-technological infrastructure to support R&D&I in this field of knowledge, which has equipment for research, development and end-to-end innovation of this specific technology.