The Basque Country Urban Planning Directives have received the Architecture and Town Planning Award presented by the Higher Council of Architects' Associations in Spain

22 February 2021
Humedal de Salburua

Our Adaptation to Climate Change team has actively participated in solving and adapting to the challenge of climate change

Under TECNALIA’s technical leadership, and thanks to the Acción LURRADAPT initiative (belonging to the Klimatek programme promoted by IHOBE), the relevant contributions to the Basque Country's Urban Planning Directives (DOT) have been channelled.  This has been especially appreciated by the jury thanks to its alignment with the 2030 New Urban Agenda, and the inclusion of “especially useful trends for the current situation” such as urban regeneration; green infrastructures and landscapes; the challenge of climate change; and inclusiveness.

ACCION LURRADAPT has contributed to a deep reflection process based on scientific knowledge. It has allowed us to position the Basque public administrations as climate change pioneers, managers, examples, and benchmarks. Furthermore, it has chosen urban planning as a key element in the deployment of the Klima 2050 Strategy.

Inclusion of climate change adaptation

The Basque Autonomous Community is at the forefront of the rest of Spain and Europe by including climate change adaptations with a multi-scale and transversal perspective when updating its DOT.

The aforementioned DOT define the Basque regional strategy to create integrated and sectoral planning instruments of a lower hierarchy, with implications on urban planning and indirectly affecting other sectoral policies, such as rural development, emergencies, and health. 

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