The Energy Modelling Network will provide planning tools tailored to the energy reality of Spain for strategic decision-making

16 November 2020

RedMENTES was set up with the aim of ensuring an efficient and sustainable energy transition

The Spanish RedMENTES “Energy Modelling for a Sustainable Energy Transition” network brings together the knowledge and experience of some of the most important research agents in energy planning. It will develop and provide planning tools tailored to the energy reality of Spain for strategic decision making, by assessing the economic, social and environmental implications.

A group of experts in Energy Planning at TECNALIA, coordinated by Eneko Arrizabalaga and Diego García-Gusano, is taking part in this network by bringing their knowledge and experience of modelling energy systems on a building, city and regional scale, with a focus on simulating and/or optimising long-term sustainability scenarios and planning assistance.

RedMENTES is a meeting point for national research groups that are working on energy modelling from different angles and methodological approaches. This meeting point will make it possible to exploit synergies and align their research priorities in order to respond to the country's needs and challenges.

The network strengthens the cooperation and international presence of the groups that take part in it. It also promotes the creation of energy modelling capabilities in Spain through different training activities: this includes joint tutoring of doctoral theses and internships at centres that are part of the network.

Another of its objectives is to disseminate to society the results of its lines of research, the impacts that the energy transition will have and the political and economic alternatives for adapting to it.

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