The everis Centers Group maximises its economic results by homogenising its workflow and controlling its processes statistically

12 May 2021
El grupo everis Centers maximiza sus resultados económicos homogeneizando el flujo de trabajo y controlando estadísticamente sus procesos

Optimising its processes has resulted in a saving of 230,000 hours, valued at around 4.3 million euros.

Business needs and the decentralised organisational structure between Europe (five centres), Latin America (three centres) and Morocco (one centre) have led everis Centers to adopt a framework that homogenises the workflow and maximises economic results.

everis Centers implemented CMMI Development (CMMI-DEV) to optimise their processes in order to provide customers with high quality software. In 2012, after reaching maturity level (ML) 5, they included CMMI Services (CMMI-SVC) as a reference model in order to optimise the management of their maintenance services.

Operating efficiency and increased margins

Systematic attention to verification and validation processes has improved detection performance from 78% to 92% in five years and reduced reworking by 50 %. Approximately 230,000 hours have been saved that were previously spent on correcting errors, valued at around 4.3 million euros.

In the last year alone, they achieved an increase in margins of €73,000, which is directly attributable to optimising operating efficiency. This was accomplished through better coordination with internal and external stakeholders and the provision of a balanced scorecard, which facilitates the management of resources and capacity.

The results of this work strengthen customer satisfaction, increase the ability to take on a larger workload without compromising deadlines, and generate a 20 % increase in income year on year. Prior to adopting CMMI, the variability in meeting application service deadlines was between 10% and 20%; it is now statistically close to zero.

About everis Centers

everis Centers provides software development and maintenance services for a wide range of industries with a high level of productivity and efficiency; it operates in a highly competitive market with low margins.

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