Watch the webinar "Corporate Venturing: How Businesses Face Open Innovation Challenges"

26 February 2021
Corporate Venturing

New ventures and start-ups are an opportunity to attract talent, technology and new business models.

On May 25, Sergio Bandinelli, Director of Business Development at TECNALIA Ventures gave a webinar on Corporate Venturing, in which he explored the mechanisms and tools of corporate venturingand their suitability depending on the strategic objectives pursued, and also reviewed case studies of successful companies of different sizes in a wide variety of sectors.

New ventures and start-ups are rapidly changing the innovation landscape: they challenge the market with innovative value propositions and sometimes lead to disruption. This movement, which a priori could be considered a threat to well-established companies, could become an opportunity to attract talent, technology and new business models through collaborative mechanisms that stimulate and accelerate corporate entrepreneurship.

During this session, Sergio shared TECNALIA Ventures' perspective on corporate venturing, and explained how companies are facing the challenge of implementing open innovation methodologies in their businesses.

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