We are one of the Spanish laboratories with the most ENAC accredited trials

18 February 2022
Laboratorios acreditados

“Accreditation is the key tool that recognises and demonstrates the capability and quality of our test laboratories”

ENAC evaluates through audits and formally recognises our technical capability to perform tests

This recognition granted to the Laboratoryoffers customers many advantages:

  • Provides confidence in test results
  • Endorses results for customers and administrations
  • Identifies laboratories with high levels of competence and quality
  • Provides international recognition of results through multilateral MLA-ILAC agreements
  • Facilitates and reduces the cost of exports and access to new markets
  • Minimises risks

Evidences expertise, professionalism, international recognition and prestige

A laboratory that guarantees the highest level of technical competence, such as TECNALIA represents enormous commercial support for companies and offers experience, professionalism, the highest level of international recognition and prestige, ensuring that our laboratory activity addresses the needs of customers.