INGREDALIA: Development and production of natural and functional ingredients


INGREDALIA is oriented towards developing, manufacturing and marketing natural functional ingredients and/or nutritional supplements. In the first phase, INGREDALIA is focusing on extracting products from broccoli, and will then analyse the opportunity to use other natural raw materials.

Current products: 

The products that INGREDALIA will produce in the first phase, both extracted from broccoli, are:

  • Sulforaphan-Smart, a functional ingredient that boosts people’s immune systems, according to all the studies already carried out on the benefits of broccoli.
  • Brasphenol, an antioxidant that preserves the shelf life of foodstuffs that comes from entirely natural sources.

Applicable to the food industry:

  • Made from natural / organic raw materials.
  • Stable and resistant to transformation processes, thanks to encapsulation techniques.
  • Easy dosage, which is compatible with many food matrices.


  • Appropriate dosage: it is not necessary to add more than necessary to ensure functionality.
  • Products obtained from organic by-products / waste, thereby ensuring low raw material costs.


Market situation

INGREDALIA was set up at the end of 2017. Once the industrialisation of Sulforaphan-Smart is completed, market launch starts.


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Phase: In the Market
Employees: 3
Offices: Milagro (Navarre) – ES
Funding rounds: 4
Co-investors: TECNALIA, TRASA, Inversores privados

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