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AENOR certifies the excellence of TECNALIA's R&D and innovation Management System

20 July 2021
AENOR certifica la excelencia del Sistema de Gestión de la I+D+i de TECNALIA
  • TECNALIA has become the first organisation to adapt its AENOR certification to the requirements of the latest version of the UNE 166002:2021 standard, within the scope of research, development, and innovation.

19 July 2021. The TECNALIA research and technological development centre has obtained the UNE 166002:2021 certification issued by AENOR. This certificate recognises compliance with the requirements set out in the latest version of the UNE 166002 standard on the management of its research, development, and innovation processes.

This certification is an adaptation of the UNE 166002:2014 certificate, which was obtained in 2017. TECNALIA has thus become the first organisation to adapt its AENOR certificate to the requirements of the latest version of the standard.

The 2021 version of the UNE 166002 standard, which was published on 11 March 2021, has considered the new international trends set out in the ISO 56002 international standard. It has also included the eight principles of R&D and innovation of this international standard: the generation of knowledge (in research) and the creation of value (in innovation); leaders focused on the future; strategic management; culture; ideas with purpose; uncertainty management; adaptability; and the systemic approach.

According to the TECNALIA Managing Director, Jesús Valero, “the principle that has greatly inspired our own R&D and innovation management system has been the generation of knowledge and the creation of value, since this is inherent to our mission to transform technology into GPD, as a Technological Centre part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.

For TECNALIA, this certificate implies the recognition of our efforts to adapt to the new international standards of the ISO 56000 family in the scope of research, development, and innovation in all of our R&D and innovation processes.”

Luz Emparanza, AENOR Director for the Basque Country, pointed out that “once again, TECNALIA is spearheading the change by adapting to the requirements of the UNE 166002 standard and has become the first organisation that AENOR certifies using the new version of the standard.”


As part of the BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance), TECNALIA is a benchmark research and technological development centre in Europe, with 1,400 professionals representing 30 different nationalities, focusing on transforming technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life, by creating business opportunities for companies. Its key areas of action are: Digital Transformation, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Transition, Sustainable Mobility, Urban Ecosystem and Health.


AENOR is a professional services firm that identifies and helps correct gaps in the competitiveness of companies, sectors, and the economic fabric in general. It contributes to the transformation of society by fostering trust between organisations and people through conformity assessment services (certifications, evaluations, and tests), training, and information.

AENOR is the leading certification body in Spain and operates in 87 countries. Over 83,000 work centres in the world have an AENOR certificate in fields as diverse as Quality Management, Sustainability, Verification on Non-financial Information, Animal Welfare, Health and Safety at Work, Digitalisation, and Compliance.

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