Press release

Bilbao to host Europe's largest hydrogen event

28 June 2022
Bilbao acogerá el mayor evento europeo sobre hidrógeno

Organised by the Spanish Hydrogen Association in collaboration with TECNALIA, the Basque Energy Agency, the Basque Energy Cluster and Bilbao Exhibition Centre.

Bilbao, June 2022. - The European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC) will bring together the sector’s main stakeholders at BEC next year in order to share the latest technological developments, promote networking and boost business opportunities.

TECNALIA, the Basque Energy Agency, Basque Energy Cluster and Bilbao Exhibition Centre will collaborate with the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) to organise Europe’s largest hydrogen event in Bilbao – the European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC) – at BEC. The research and technology centre will also be part of the organising committee and the EHEC scientific committee.

Topics related to the entire hydrogen value chain will be discussed at the event, including generation, distribution, transport, storage and end uses of this energy vector, as well as R&D in industrial projects. The last edition took place on 18-20 May last in Madrid, with a larger number of participants and companies attending compared to previous editions. The congress is a biennial event and for the next edition it plans to bring together experts and companies from the sector to share the latest technological breakthroughs, promote networking and boost business opportunities in the field of hydrogen.

This event is part of theSpanish Hydrogen Roadmap as one of the measures to position Spain as a benchmark for this technology. The AeH2, considered a reference agent in the sector, is made up of more than 300 entities with activity throughout the hydrogen value chain. The European Hydrogen Energy Conference shows the Spanish and European contribution to the hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen, vector of the future

Hydrogen is set to become a key element in the decarbonisation of energy, industry and mobility and, accordingly, to accelerate the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. Green hydrogen, which is produced from energy from renewable sources, it a step further in this new type of chemical component. It is expected to be used a raw material for the chemical industry, to decarbonise industrial sectors, for mobility, for the residential and tertiary sectors, and for mass transport and storage of energy over long periods of time.


TECNALIA has been carrying out important research and development work in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, which place it as a national reference in this field, particularly in relation to materials and their compatibility with hydrogen and new hydrogen separation/production solutions.

In recent years, TECNALIA has been actively involved in the leading associations in the field of hydrogen at both a national and international level; it is currently a member of the executive committees of Hydrogen Europe Research, HYSAFE and the Spanish Hydrogen Association. It is also a member of the EERA – JP Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECHA) and the Spanish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (PTE-HPC).

In the Basque Country, it has been a member of the Hydrogen Technologies Working Group ever since it was set up and has also defined the Hydrogen Technology Roadmap in conjunction with other Basque agents. It is also a member of the Hydrogen Sectoral Forum.

It currently coordinates the preparation of the Sectoral Agenda for the Hydrogen Industry in Spain in conjunction with the National Centre for Hydrogen and Ariema. The Sectoral Agenda is led by the Spanish Hydrogen Association.