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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

TECNALIA sets the objective of increasing its activity with Basque companies by over 50%


The new Strategic Plan approved today, estimates its impact on the Basque GDP to be over 1,000 million euros.

Assistants to the board meeting of TECNALIA Research & Innovation on December 2, 2015.

Today, the TECNALIA research centre has approved the new Strategic Plan that will guide its activity until 2020, along with the appointment of Iñaki San Sebastián to take over from Joseba Jauregizar as of March 2016.

TECNALIA therefore provides continuity to the strategy that it has developed since 2011, during which time it has fulfilled its role as a technological partner, a key factor for competitiveness in the business network, identifying business opportunities, linking the market and technology, and providing added value to companies. In short, turning technology into GDP.

The new Plan is based on the following strategic lines: proximity to the market; technological specialisation and excellence; boost to the potential of people; an open and innovative organisation that fosters synergies; and a sustainable business model.

With a view to 2020, the objective to guarantee the sustainability of the project is to increase income by 30% and reach 130 million euros, of which a third will come from international sources. These objectives fall under the framework of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, PCTI 2020.

The proximity of the market will translate into an increase of over 50% in the activity of Basque companies, the impact of which is calculated to be over 1 billion euros in the GDP of the Basque Country until 2020, in accordance with the methodology developed by Deloitte for this purpose. By then, it is also estimated that 200 of these companies will already be involved in international projects.

Another of the underlying pillars of the Strategic Plan is the boost to the potential of people, in addition to attracting differential talent and fostering their transfer to the Basque business sector. The forecast is to transfer over 300 researchers to Basque companies by 2020.

On the other hand, specialisation and technological excellence will be divided into 12 international excellence groups, which TECNALIA will reach over the forthcoming six years. As for patents, the aim is to create 170 new patents, whereby their transfer will represent 8% of the total income.

Another challenge that TECNALIA faces is to remain an open and innovative organisation that favours synergies. Therefore, among other collaborations, it aims to triple activity with agents from the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network by 2020.

Challenges, opportunities for the business

Based on these strategic lines, TECNALIA will continue working on the challenges faced by society, anticipating the future and creating responses through technology. These challenges are advanced manufacturing, low-carbon energy, health and ageing, urban habitat, digital and hyperconnected world and climate change and shortage of resources.

With this strategy 2020, TECNALIA responds to the reorganisation of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, the needs and demands of the Europe Strategy 2020 and adapts to a period marked by a new macroeconomic scenario to strengthen its position as one of the benchmark research centres in Europe and a key element for economic and social development in the Basque Country.

Iñaki San Sebastián

Iñaki San Sebastián, from Villabona (Gipuzkoa), holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Navarra University as well as a Master's Degree in Business Management (MBA Executive) from Deusto University and the PADE (Senior Business Management Programme) from IESE. After seventeen years working at Fatronik, he was appointed the Managing Director in 2008 and two years later, when TECNALIA was born as a result of the merger of eight centres, including Fatronik, Iñaki San Sebastián was appointed Deputy Managing Director.

His professional career has always been linked to the field of research and the business world, which has enabled him to get a close look at its needs in terms of innovation. Moreover, his career path has allowed him to carry out in-depth studies into the Basque, Spanish and European Science and Technology systems, participating in the design of some of them.


TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first Private Applied Research and Technological Development Centre in Spain and one of the most important centres in Europe; with 1,400 experts from over 30 different nationalities, focusing on transforming technology into GDP to improve people's quality of life, by creating business opportunities for companies. Inspiring Business is a synthesis of two concepts that go hand in hand: imagining and making it come true. TECNALIA's differential value.

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