Renewable natural gas generation process

reactor renovagas

Development of a 15 kW synthetic natural gas (SNG) production plant based on electrolytic H2 production using renewable energy and its methanation with CO2 from Biogas, to obtain renewable natural gas. It considers the design of a methanation reactor with operating capacity in variable conditions without affecting the performance, useful life and quality of the gas.

The RENOVAGAS project considers:

  • Development of new catalysts for the methanation of biogas.
  • Development of a catalytic methanation reactor, bearing in mind heat evacuation.
  • Determination of operating conditions.
  • Validation of a 15 kW electric demonstrator and analysis of its performance under real conditions at a real biogas production plant.

RENOVAGAS is led by ENAGAS. Abengoa Hidrógeno, Gas Natural Fenosa, FCC-AQUALIA and the CNH2,ICP-CSIC centres and TECNALIA also participate in it.

Our experts have developed a multi-structured reactor applied to the methanation of biogas, which presents high coefficients for the transfer of matter and energy in comparison with conventional reactors.