Membranas para separación y purificación de gases

We develop solutions in the fields of hydrogen generation, distribution, transport, storage and use that meet the decarbonisation challenges of the energy system, industry and mobility. Our technologies integrate renewable energy into the energy system and drive the decarbonisation of hard-to-electrify sectors.

Solutions ranging from hydrogen generation to end-use:

  • Production of hydrogen from renewable and sustainable sources: electrolysis, reforming, pyrolysis, gasification, among others.
  • Hydrogen distribution, transport and storage: H2 purification, injection into natural gas pipelines, storage, liquid organic hydrogen carriers LOHC, development and evaluation of hydrogen contact materials for safe transport and distribution.
  • Hydrogen use: integration of the hydrogen vector into smart grids in transport, mobility, industry and building.
  • Cross-cutting activities for the entire hydrogen value chain: characterisation of materials, surface engineering, sensorics, digitalisation, power electronics, among others.

External partners

Eindhoven University - University of Technology - Tu/e

International presence

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IA hySafe: International Association on Hydrogen Safety
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Ekain Fernandez, PhD

Ekain Fernandez, PhD

Head of Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen Technologies

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Hydrogen compatibility of materials

Hydrogen compatibility of materials

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