Electrical PTO (Power Take-Off) Laboratory

Laboratorio PTO

This laboratory has an emulator to reproduce the mechanical behaviour of a marine energy collection device or a wind turbine. It enables work to be carried out in a controlled laboratory environment, reducing risks and the development time of a system for the harnessing of offshore renewable energy.


This is an HIL test bench (Hardware in the Loop) for the grid connection of wind turbines and ocean energy converters. The resource’s profile is emulated and turned into rotary movement whilst the electrical part (and power converter) is real.

This infrastructure allows:

  • Validation of mathematical and concept models from the electrical point of view.
  • Development and adjustment of wave energy converter or wind turbine control systems: adjustment of controllers, optimum control of efficiency, control of the peak and average power.
  • Different sea conditions: repeatability of sea/wind working conditions (based on field measurements) that lead to failures to purge the system.
  • Grid connection control: Interaction between the different components of an electrical power grid, in diverse grid conditions (strong grid, weak grid, island operation…); study of the performance of components during abnormal operating conditions; transitory performance; converter control system performance in less than ideal grid conditions.
  • Final testing of control software/hardware.
  • Testing of electrical components.

Aimed at:

  • Research groups in the control of renewable energy.
  • Technological developers who want to validate their energy extraction system in a controlled environment prior to in field testing.

Electrical PTO (Power Take-Off) laboratory brochure

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