Laboratory service

3D digitisation

Digitalización 3D

We offer 3D digitalisation services using state-of-the-art measurement and virtualisation technologies.

We have the methodology and techniques for reality capture: laser scanning, LIDAR technologies and convergent photogrammetry.

3D digitalisation enables a 3D file to be obtained in the form of a point cloud based on a physical model.

It is a procedure that enables the shapes and colours to be captured from the surface of an object, creating a digital replica.

The most noteworthy services are:


  • Floor.
  • Elevation.
  • Cross-section.

Vector Images:

  • 2D Planimetry in CAD.
  • Wireframe 3D models.

3D Models.

  • T-Spline or NURBS models.
  • Polygon mesh models.
  • BIM Modelling.
  • PDS or PDMS Modelling.

3D Data Analysis

  • Calculation of complex surfaces and volumes.
  • Analysis of complex geometries.
  • Analysis of deflections.
  • Clash Detection

3D documentation.

  • Virtual Visits.
  • Immersive 360º environments.

Aimed at:

  • Architecture studios.
  • Engineering firms.
  • Construction companies and developers
  • Public Administrations
Catálogo de servicios en edificación y obra civil

Technological services in building and civil works brochure (Spanish)

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Catálogo de escáner 3D para modelado BIM

3D scanner for BIM modelling brochure (Spanish)

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